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McAteer's Opticians


Your Local Opticians

Independent Family Optician

McAteer's has been established in Shepperton since the year 2000.


Being part of the village is very important to us, and we work hard to look after visual needs of all of our customers.


Being independent we are not tied to any particular company for our lenses, frames or contact lenses. This means we are able to provide what is the best solution for our customers, and not be restricted to a very limited  selection of suppliers.


We are an Acuvue Centre of Excellence, and also work closely with Rodenstock.

We are registered with Surrey Primary Care Trust for direct cataract, diabetic and glaucoma referrals; which will often make your wait for treatment shorter.

Clinical Excellence

At McAteer's we employ fully qualified and experienced professionals, and provide them with the latest diagnostic equipment.

We have always had the usual sight test kit, but also we use a Henson field screener, Pulsair tonometer, keratometer, bio-microscope and the Topcon Optical Coherance Tomographer, which allows us to examine the retina and its underlying layers in much finer detail. 

This means that we can, diagnose conditions such as Glaucoma, age-related macular degeneraton, retinal detachments, and tumours etc. earlier and when they are less obvious with the more traditional techniques. This means that we can spot potential problems sooner and arrange treatments quicker.

Most recently we have acquired the latest in dry eye diagnostic equipment called SBM which is an Ocular Surface Analyser(OSA) and treatment equipment for dry eye, including the Blephex eyelid exfoliator.

Owner Dispensing Optician and Contact lens Optician

Founder of the practice and main Dispenser. 


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