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Will it hurt?

No, your eye examination is completely painless. There will be some bright lights shone into your eyes and sometimes we need to use drops and puff air towards your eyes.


How old do you have to be to have an eye test?

There is no minimum age, as we have techniques to look at the youngest of eyes. We always advise that all children should have a test as the earlier we pick up a problem the better the outcome of any treatment. Remember that a child often won't know there is a problem as for them what they see is normal.


How long does it take?

The eye examination takes between 20 and 40 minutes according to your needs and there maybe further tests required following this depending on the outcome.


How often should I have a test?

We generally suggest that you have a test at least once a year, but some eye conditions require more frequent reviews. Children for instance are often recalled every 6 months. Diabetic patients also require closer monitoring and we suggest they have an examination every 6 months including an OCT scan to review their retinal blood vessels.

Am I suitable for contact lenses?

Most people can wear contact lenses, and we strongly suggest that they are worn for sports. Children can benefit hugely from wearing them, both for the best vision and self esteem.  When you have your eye examination we can also do a trial for contact lenses. These are in addition to the usual tests. The optician will check your prescription, the shape of your corneas and whether you have dry eyes.

They will then make a recommendation about the type of lens and the wearing regimen, to suit your needs and you eye health. There are some rare circumstances where they are not recommended or their use may be restricted. 


Can I have Glasses for Scuba diving?

Yes, you can. We make goggles in prescription for general swimming and we also make Diving masks. Both are available to order. We keep a full range of other sports glasses which can all be made to prescription.


Does using a computer affect my eyes?

Using a computer won't change your prescription. It can make your eyes feel tired and if you have an uncorrected prescription, it will highlight a problem.

However the blue light and UV light from the computer and in the general workplace can damage your eyes, and we recommend that you have a filter put in your lenses. Your employer should offer you a VDU (Visual Display Unit) test at least every 2 years and they are obliged to pay for it. They may also pay towards spectacles, if necessary for VDU.

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