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Your eye examination takes between 20 and 40 minutes according to your needs and there maybe further tests required following this; depending on the ophthalmic opticians findings.
After your test you will be introduced to your Dispensing Optician who will guide you through the selection of your lenses and frames. They will explain your options and do their best to design your spectacles, sunglasses and contact lenses to best meet your needs and budget.
When you have your eyes tested with us, you will receive a report.This folder contains facts about your eyes including your prescription and any relevant eye conditions you may have. It has been designed for you to share with other health professionals, including your GP and Consultant.
We believe that the better you understand the things that affect your eyes, the better you will know how to keep them healthy now and in the future. Included are information sheets to explain your eye conditions and suggested management methods. These include recommended lenses for work or leisure activities; treatment regimens or dietary advice. We are of course, more than happy to discuss the report further with you, and we are able to offer the treatments, supplements, and equipment to assist you in improving and maintaining your eye health. We actively encourage you to bring this with you at future appointments so that we can compare and update the information and review treatments.We aim to provide the best service we can, so make use of our expertise.
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